Government & Democracy, Online Citizenship, Digital identity, Governance Design, Blockchain, Machine Learning


Sep 2017 - present

Fellow, Digital Harvard Kennedy School

Sep 2016 - today

Fellow, The Center for Technology & Society (CTS) at FGV School of Law

Sep 2016 - today

Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center at Harvard


Jan 2006 - Ago 2007

Master of Business Administration - Strategic Marketing Management

Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV Brasília - Brazil

Feb 2001 - Dec 2005

Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design

Federal University of Brasilia – UnB Brasília - Brazil


Aug 2017 - Fev 2018

Serenata de Amor Operation


    Director, responsible for the merging of the "Operacão Serenata de Amor" with the Open Knowledge Brazil making the project sustainable

Set 2016 - Set 2017

Berkman Klein Center at Harvard


May 2013 - Jul 2016 brazil Office

Project Leader/Web Specialist

    As a co-chair of the Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group, I led a multinational and multidisciplinary group through the W3C consensus process. Also, at the W3C Brazil Office, I participated in the Web Payments task force, besides coordinating projects involving the use of linked data.

  • Co-organize the Webbr Conference and other Workshops and events
  • Lead partnership with Ministers and other Governmental bodies.
  • Connect the Brazilian Open-Source Community with W3C Brazil's projects.
  • Collaborate in the development of the Web Master class at the Governance School of

May 2012 - May 2013

W3C Brazil Office at

Developer Relations/Project Leader

    I spent one year at the W3C Brazil Office as developer relations. This experience got me through leading hackathons, developing the open source community in Brazil and participating in several Conferences and Events. In this position I also wrote papers for academic Conferences.

  • Provide advice about the process of public consultation for the NetMundial documents.
  • Collaborate in the National Recognition Program for accessibility of W3C Brazil Office.
  • Oversee documents and digital artifacts of the the projects delivered.
  • Conduct the Webs Got Talent Prize for entrepreneurship using the Web.

Dec 2012 - May 2012

United Nations - Youth National Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil

Technical Consultant

    My work was to develop a proposal for Public participation, using the Internet as a medium, for the young citizen, directly connected to the Presidency Secretariat. I managed to deliver a plan for the implementation of a network of young activists, so they could list their demands directly into the platform and get a rapid response.

  • Deliver talks and presentations for the Governmental bodies involved with Youth agenda.
  • Give insights on data and interfaces for civic action in meetings with Governmental bodies.
  • Deliver the specifications of the Observatory for the Youth of the UN in partnership with Brazil's presidency

The "Participatório" won the "A Rede" award for public policies in 2014.

Out 2010 - Out 2011

United Nations - Secretariat for Legislative Affairs of the Ministry of Justice

Technical Consultant

    Working with direct democracy, I developed platforms and principles for public consultancy in law making processes. In this position, I also delivered the beta version of the public participation platform of the Ministry of Justice.

  • Develop guidelines for the 1st version of the participatory tool of Secretariat for Legislative Affairs, the “Projeto Pensando o Direito”.
  • Write, implement and design reports and guides to the evolution of interfaces to civil participation.
  • Develop several public consultation for the Bills proposed by the Secretariat

Out 2010 - Out 2011

United Nations - Secretariat of Digital Culture at the Ministry of Culture

Technical Consultant

May 2009 - Jan 2010

Brazil Communication Company (EBC)

Technical Team Lead

  • Scrum manager of the developers team.
  • Creative director for all the sites and animations delivered by the team.
  • Implement Wordpress Websites for special news.
  • Coordinate the research and development of the Reporter Brasil system of distribution(a news diary distributed on TV). This resulted in a paper.

Second time responsible for the multimedia design, datavis and actionscript development of the winner history of the biggest prize for human rights and Journalism in Brazil, the Vladimir Herzog Award (in 2009).

Aug 2008 - May 2009

Brazil Communication Company (EBC)

Multimedia Project Manager

  • Experiment new media for journalism and data visualization.
  • Create special projects for multimedia journalism on TV, radio and especially for the Web.
  • Interface design, usability checking and information architecture for websites and multimedia journalism.
  • Create Data Visualization and storytelling with governamental data.
  • Research new strategies for interaction between citizen and journalism.
  • Constitute and lead a team to implement agile methods in software development inside journalism environments.

First time responsible for the multimedia design, datavis and development for the winner history of the Internet Journalism Prize for human rights, the Vladimir Herzog award in 2008. Also in this role I designed about one infographic a day, what gaves me experience with storyteling and datavis.

Set 2007 - Apr 2008

Radiobrás - Agência Brasil

Datavis designer and Developer

  • Work with datavis design and development for interactive data visualization.
  • Implemented several new tools and features for journalism (there was no JavaScript at that time
  • Design the user experience and more than five multimedia storytelling indicated to national prizes on online journalism.

As Datavis designer and developer, the team managed to deliver new ways of interaction with information. We did hipervideo and tutorial, newsgames and experimented citizen journalism. The Agência Brasil was a reference for infographics and the team was composed by one programmer for backend and me, as datavis and frontend programmer.

Set 2006 - Apr 2007

Implementing the new Agência Brasil - Radiobras

UX/UI Designer and Developer

  • Implement and develop citizen Journalism tools for the websites.
  • Work as UX/UI designer for the new website of the agency
  • Develop Infographics and Datavis concepts.
  • Design and code the FrontEnd for the Infographics area for the new online news agency.

Overall Skills

  • I am curious and unquiet. My ideal workplace is anywhere I can find problems and solve them, better if it is with a creative team around me. I am eager to learn new technology and acquire new skills, especially if it is open source and community delivered.

  • Web architecture
  • Product Design
  • Strong background in Design and User Experience
  • Autocad, ArcGIS
  • Linux, Git
  • Experience with Agile Development


Mar, 2016

Whither Social Media Governance?

Published by the IEEE Computer Society

Oct, 2015

5 stars for those who preach for 5 stars: the case of OD4D Project

The 14th International Semantic Web Conference

May, 2015

Unchecked and unintended effects of Open Data policies in Brazil

Open Data Research Symposium

May, 2015

The impact of local regulations on the effective implementation of Open Data Portals and Transparency practices in Brazil

Open Data Research Symposium

Set, 2014

Book chapter: “Input, Output: a via comum”

SALOMÃO, George, LEMOS, Ronaldo. Marco Civil da Internet. 2014. Atlas


Aug, 2015 Governance School

Guest Lecturer: “The Web so far: what choices can we make”

Aug, 2014 Governance School

Guest Lecturer: “The Web’s History and the Internet of Things”

Aug, 2013

São Paulo State Technological College - FATEC

Guest Lecturer: “An Introduction to the Semantic Web”

Ago 2009 - Ago 2011

Universidade de Brasília - Industrial Design Bachelor

Substitute Professor

Disciplines: Models and Mockups, Applied Computer Graphics and Structural Design Applied

Ago 2007 - Ago 2008

Universidades Paulista (UNIP) - Marketing and Branding


Disciplines: Online advertising, Production of Online Advertisement


CodingRights, Jan 2015 - today

Member of the Collaborative Council

Brazilian-born women lead Think-and-Do tank that aims to advance in the enforcement of Human Rights in the digital world

Calango, 2012 - today

Calango Hackerspace Co-founder

Involved in the foundation of a hackerspace at the heart of Brazil.

Open Knowledge Brazil, Jan 2014 - Aug 2015

Member of the Audit Comitee

a worldwide non-profit network of people passionate about openness and knowledge sharing

Bailux, Mar 2009 - Set 2013


Community to share experiences native Brazilian and the Internet they experience

Imaginarios, Mar 2009 - Today

Sysadmin of the

Devotedly and humbly care of the Imaginarios server, which is an independent space for feminists, indigenous people and everyone in the needs of a free and trustable space in the cloud.


  • Native Speaker of Portuguese;
  • Proficiency in English;
  • Basic French
  • Conversational Spanish