I'm an Industrial designer, programmer and activist, currently researching as a fellow of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, "a research center at Harvard University that focuses on the study of cyberspace". I like to observe, research and build systems that transform the way humans interact with information.

My main goal at the Berkman and Klein Center is to look carefully at the importance of non-regulated web spaces to maintain the overall freedom of expression and creativity inside a regulated and surveilled society. Even though these spaces are often a cradle to violent and unhealthy communities and practices, civil disobedience and innovation can be also raised there, as collaborative practices and methods.

My last job was at the W3C Brazil Office, hosted by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, and for the Web Technologies Study Center. There, I participated in the development of Web Standards for Data on the Web and for Web Payments. I also worked with Open Data communities, developing policies for privacy and freedom of expression. At the spared time, I led projects that experimented the possibilities that the Web gives, to foster a more open and free Internet.

Before that, I've worked with multimedia and datavis, coordinated software development teams while building tools that aimed to distribute common multimedia collections, coded loads of frontend as freelancer and even worked with jewelry and civil engineering.

As a datavis designer, I've worked at several successful projects and won Brazilian prizes with infographics and multimedia projects.

Also co-founded the Calango Hackerspace while working as UN Technical consultant at the Brazilian Government. During several years I worked with platforms for citizen participation in democracy, specially the construction of Bills. Public consultation websites and platforms had some of my best years of attention. In a similar way, I worked for the presidency of Brazil, with platforms for Direct Democracy.


I believe that there is no frontier between intangible and tangible constructions. For me, all objects are possible interactions, as all information retains potential to be free. I am sure that the Internet have been shaping human systems as human systems have been shaping the Internet.

I am highly interested in building or researching for systems that can be easily used to start silent revolutions. I believe that technology can bring great achievemtents for the society, if it is open source and widely deployable. My cover history is that I'am solo mother of a gracious human. 🌞